connecting people. uniting families. following christ.
connecting people.
uniting families.
following christ.

1 corinthians 1:10

I appeal to you, brothers and sistersin the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.
Intergenerational Engagement is the ability to engage with everyone around you regardless of their age. It ignores generational stereotypes and focuses on strengths to increase effective communications.

A generationally minded church is more than just a church with adult services, It’s a church where all generations serve and work together. The way this plays out practically is for each generation to learn from the previous ones, and then be given opportunities to incorporate all that’s acquired and passed on as the diverse gifts, knowledge, and strengths of each generation are mingled and utilized.

The particular gifts and callings God places on each generation must be embraced and utilized. If you take away any of the generations, we lose our edge—we lose our effectiveness in reaching a lost and dying world.

The vision of Church 1:10 is to unite the hearts of nations to experience the irresistibility of Jesus Christ!

C1:10 MEN

Men having the momentum of purpose.

Purpose is a powerful word. It conveys intentionality with movement to become. We the men of Church 1:10 have the momentum to bridge the gaps of manhood, which are love, faith, integrity and understanding. With these gaps filled, we're propelled to become the men God has called us to be. Come and move with us!


Supporting each women's path. Adding to each women's journey.

God has given us each an individual path in life and has blessed us to make connections with each other along the way. True sisterhood is like a priceless gem that cannot be measured and should be held as a precious gift.


Two Histories-One Destiny.

Taking two different people from two different histories and tell them to become one takes a miracle. Genesis states "The two shall be one." This is done simply by a CLEAVING PROCESS. When we are delivered from ourselves (our past) we can serve EACH OTHER and when that happens we are not threatened by EACH OTHER! The purpose of The Power of Love is to teach foundational biblical teachings on the purpose of marriage. At Church 1:10, we believe in strong marriages  creating strong families!


Find joy in your present while welcoming your future.

Looking for marriage or content on your own, we believe you should live life at the fullest! Finding joy in your present and welcoming your future is something that can be tackled in togetherness. Join our singles and see just how great your single life can be!

C1:10 hospitality

Come as a guest. Leave as family.

Our hospitality welcomes fellowship with all who come through the door. You may come in as a welcomed guest but our goal is to ensure that all who enter, leave feeling part of a family! Searching for the truth and love of Jesus Christ? Join us and start the beginning of your life changing experience at Church 1:10!

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